Black Belt Slings

Lightness- ALL FERRRETERRO PREMIUM Slings are polyurethane impregnated which has remarkable anti abrasive and cut resistant properties.

Slings life increases significantly and works easily in harsh conditions providing excellent resistance to abrasion and minor cuts.
Strength- FERRRETERRO – PREMIUM lifting slings are a brand new innovation from FERRETERRO. The fully reinforced loop offers all-round protection in the region of the crane hook. The optimised woven construction of the
belt and edge ensures that long service-life is achieved in the face of abrasion, pressure and edge wear.
Rigidity- In contrast to the standardised safely factor (SF) 7, the special construction achieves an increased SF.
In practice this means that when abrasion, soiling or weathering reduce the SF.
In the course of use by a factor or perhaps 2, the FERRETERRO – PREMIUM slings are still safest. It therefore optimally satisfies your safety requirements for its entrire life. The FERRETERRO slings are therefore altogether capable of accepting more stress, are more robust and less sensitive.

Ever seen Black belt comes White in color!
The top most degree of perfection BLACK BELT has been introduced in lifting slings!

These slings work in hostile environment, extremely cut resistant and amazingly light weight. Abrasion is no problem and are stronger than steel.
We manufacture these slings in Dyneema® by DSM.