Web Ladders

We manufacture web ladders upto 300 meters long with connectors to make the ladder flexible to go upto any length required. Different variety of rungs of Aluminum alloy or Carbon fiber makes them upto 3 times lighter in weight compared to pp rope ladders. The non slip and load bearing pattern makes it best product to be used in confined spaces, mine access, scaffolding roofing, oil and gas and lowering purpose. The weight carrying capacities can go upto 2 tons so it is most ideal ladder for rescue operations, paramilitary forces and mountaineering usages. We manufacture the same in bright colors for distant locations and camouflage prints for army applications.


  • Lightweight
  • Staggered rungs
  • Rigid and reinforced
  • Easy anchorage
  • Easy installation
  • Water and acid proof
  • Spark resistant for gas chambers available on request.